Bird Street

Bird Street. A bird lover's paradise? An animal rights activists' hell? Depends on how you look at it - I think I talked about bird issues last year on my blog. But always, a photographers' haven. The street is a mix of birds for sale, and birds that are being "walked" by their doting owners, apparently always men. It seems the birds receive as much attention and affection as a pet dog or cat. The bird owners stroll around carrying the bird cage, occassionally stopping to hook the cage next to a tree, or to a gate, and then admire their bird from afar, perhaps discuss the bird with other bird owners. Then unhook, and stroll more, perhaps hook the cage next to birds of the same species. Birds are also a huge source of pride. When a crowd gathers to admire a parrot-type bird, the owners show off bird tricks.

(Does the hand on the far left have an extra finger?)