Kadoorie Farm Fun

I'd not been to Kadoorie Farm since I was a wee child, at which point I was too thrilled to be on a field trip to really pay attention to what KF was all about.

KF was established in 1951 by the wealthy Kadoorie brothers, British blokes, I gather. Post WWII, Hong Kong was overwhelmed with refugees, and the Kadoories hoped to give agricultural aid in the form of farm education and provision of livestock/ fertiliser/ tools etc to start new farms so that HK could be self sufficient. HK these days is way past farming for itself and imports food, so KF goals have since been changed to be a conservation and education center. Large areas of terraced slopes are dedicated to organic farming, and there are wildlife rehab centers as well as all sorts of gardens. Along the meandering tree shaded trails, it's easy to forget you're in Hong Kong. At the farm store, I purchased some organic dried KF grown chrysanthemum flowers for tea-making. They had home grown eggs and veggies for sale too.

The Barking Deer and Wild Boar are some of the lucky rescued wildlife that live at KF.

I contributed a small patch to this community tapestry. Anyone who comes along is welcome (after a brief tutorial) to add a rew rows. Incorporated are branches, dried grasses and scraps of fabric.

If you are inspired to visit KF, Fly to Hong Kong, take the train (previously KCR, now MTR) to Tai Po Market or Tai Wo in the New Territories, and hop on Double Decker Bus 64K towards Yuen Long. Ride about 20 minutes; the KF bus stop is at the crest of a steep hill.