I Choose You, Calculator!

The array of objects included: Ruler (architect?), microphone, football, keyboard, stethoscope, calculator, dictionary. I should mention, that a large proportion of the guests were Doctors. Chinese Doctors. Any of you who are Chinese, or Korean, or know anything of what Chinese parents stereotypically want their kid to grow up to become, you'll know there is only One answer.

He chose Calculator. I was surprised, as the calculator was dull colored; usually babies go for the brightest object. And it wasn't as if it were placed right in front of him; he whirled around 180 and the calculator caught his eye. OK, calculator, first choice - how about second choice? How about an MD after that MBA? Oriented and Nudged towards Stethoscope. He gazed at the stethoscope, contemplating the possibilities, while we all held our breath... then made an abrupt lunge for the plastic keyboard. Well... how about third choice? Do your MBA, a brief stint in music, now it's time for MD, right? He crawled over the the Dictionary, flipped open the cover.

This venue was a hard place to shoot. The ceilings and walls were red-ish, and then here we have the green floor mat - all this stuff affects the light falling on people's faces. You can see that some of the kids' faces are green-ish. A flash can help neutralize things - I imagine, inaccurately and anthropomorphically, that my flash power shoves reflected red/green light out of the way. Unfortunately my flash didn't power up in time to ka-pow! the green light out of this pic. I did a little skin tone painting to reduce the green on the birthday boy. This is not the first time I've seen this green mat... it has caused me problems before. Please consider photographers when you purchase a play mat for your baby.