Nine sessions of 30 minutes each actually passed very quickly. I gave myself five minutes between sessions, and speed-walked across the park to different locations during that time. One of the hardest parts was remembering names of kids; very necessary to get the kids' attention for photos. There were 15 kids/babies in all.

I have over 1600 photos to process: I will weed through them and get rid of awkward blinking photos, and out of focus photos (mostly, my attempts to photograph kids on swings). Then parents will chose their 25 favorite out of a mean of 180 photos, for editing. There are LOTS of cute kid photos, which I plan to post.

A week ago, I emailed the Doctors Without Borders fundraisers person, and asked him about tax-deductible - ie, who gets it? Me or clients? As you know, I went with giving the deductible to clients. Today I finally heard back, and in fact, *I* am supposed to be credited with the deductible, since clients receive my services and goods in exchange for the $ (unless clients paid More than what I charged; then they get the deductible for anything over $75.) However, it's too late in the case of these 9 sessions, as I don't want to go back on my word. I will know better for next time (and now you know too!)