Biology Themed Quilt

I whipped up another mini-quilt, for a friend who is a Biology professor. Of the evolution/ecology sort, not the molecular/genetic sort, so I made sure to include lots of animals. Not that I'd not include animals in quilts for babies produced by non Biology professor parents. My favorite fabric is the (anatomically correct) bugs-in-jars print. I found it online and was so delighted, I bought piles of it before I knew what to do with it.

May I make a small digression - so often, ants are drawn incorrectly. I'm not saying that all ant drawings should be scientific illustrations. But a basic basic detail is always misrepresented: antennae are attached UNDER the eyes of an ant face; ie, if you were an ant, your antennae would sprout perhaps halfway between the inner corner of your eye and nostril. Maybe at highest Next to the eye, but certainly not on the Forehead, like so many cartoons shamelessly depict. I'm only really picky about ants (which by the way, are all female - you'd pretty much never see males, so Bug's Life? Antz? All wrong, all wrong!). Other animals can be misrepresented.

I learn a little more with each quilt I make. I thought I had everything figured out, but then the last column of squares turned out skinnier than the others. Alas! I will know better next time. And maybe, I will graduate to include triangles shaped fabric pieces in my quilts.

In the same way that I look at amateur photos and automatically think: what a cliche composition! look at that dusty lens! the white balance is off! it's not even focused! I'm sure an experienced quilter looks at my quilts and thinks: the squares aren't square! how boring a pattern! the edging isn't straight or even! what a hodgepodge of colors! the thread knots are visible!