Nothing to do with Grass Lolling

But I felt like posting this picture, because it looks so carefree, and I am trying to cancel out the Non-Carefree feelings I have at the moment. I am shooting a wedding tomorrow, and then four shoots on Sunday. The actual experience of doing marathon shoot weekends isn't bad at all - adrenaline is high, time passes really fast, and I feel productive, but in the days leading up to such weekends I feel a bit anxious - need to empty all my memory cards, make space on my computer (lots of space, like 15 GB of space), pick up lens rental, make mental packing lists (chargers? extra batteries for camera and flash? energy snacks? water bottles? phone numbers and name lists for all clients? iphone with pre-entered venue addresses? clothing layers? portable foot stool for height?) And, focus on not getting sick. That means teaching kids minimally, eating well and sleeping lots.

And then there's the Plan Of Attack for wedding shooting, which I type out as a spreadsheet for myself and my photog assistant/trainee/second shooter. Time, What is Happening, Where, Who is responsible for Shooting What. The most complex part is the wedding ceremony, where many things need to be captured at once: Close Ups of bride's first appearance, groom's expression while watching bride walk down aisle, family expressions, the wide angle of Entire wedding party up front waiting for bride, all guests standing, preferably from front and back of aisle. There are added What If mini-stress sources, such as backlighting (I think the ceremony will take place in front of a window - Argh!), lighting in general (indoors), space to run around the sides of the seating area. Of course, I can deal with all of this on the go without much issue; every shoot I do is a new lighting situation. I think my brain just likes to be prepared as much as possible.