You Guessed It: Nothing To Do With Jellies

Post-Wedding. Whew!! Sore hands, tired back, very happy to be sitting, in comfy clothes. I took 1,710 photos over about 8 hours. Uploaded onto computer, and currently backing up on external hard drive. I actually had bad dreams about photography last night - first, that I had showed up in jeans and was mortified to find myself under-dressed at the wedding, and then that my camera had simply stopped working. The worst real nightmare would be to come home and find that all memory cards were corrupted or something. But, the only snafu was that I found myself at a bad bad angle when the rings were going on. I remembered later that often wedding photogs will ask couples to reinact the ring exchange, because how often does one have a perfect angle to get those details? Oh well. Then there's always that random uncle who wants to take all the group shots with his own camera, and tries to take the photo at the same time as me, confusing everyone as to which camera to look at.

Wedding photography is Hard. With portrait photography, I have a say in venues and locations within venues where lighting is good, and I can take my time in optimizing settings. Wedding photography - stuff happens anywhere and everywhere, unpredictable timing and lighting and I don't even necessarily know which direction anyone will be facing. I could sit down thankfully for a water break and then find everyone banging on their glasses for the bride and groom to kiss way across on the other side of the room. I just shoot shoot shoot and hope that I can deal with issues of white balance, brightness, composition etc in photoshop.