Arms Are Done.

My arms are going to fall off. Somewhere around hour 12 out of 14 hours of shooting this weekend, my right arm said: OK, that's it, I'm not holding this camera any more. Managed to ignore my nagging arms, and made it to taking this photo, the third to last pic I took today.

I started the day at the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park. A lovely morning with parents and a tot. Came home for lunch (asiago melt on toast topped with veggi pastrami and sauteed chard with shallot), then headed out to Urban Playground (indoor play area) for one year old lunchtime birthday party. Next, drove down to Daly City to set up an in home maternity shoot studio, then caravanned with the couple out to Baker Beach for part two of the shoot. At 6:30pm, met with the last family of the day at the Windmill at GGP, and wandered over to Pacific Beach for sunset. Bright sun, shade, indoor flash, indoor studio lights and sunset lighting - ran the whole gamut in one day.

The hardest weekend this year thus far is done with, yea!! Do I get weekend tomorrow? Nope not yet - must return my rental lens and have a City Hall wedding followed by wedding portraits in GGP.