Garden Lovey Dovey

Wedding portraits are my favorite part of wedding photography. It's the only opportunity where I'm guaranteed to have artistic control. The rest of the wedding event - where the ceremony takes place etc etc, is out of my hands and I have to optimize as best I can. Portraits however, I can suggest poses, locations, choose my lighting - it's fun! And the editing is fun too. I can try out various effects, of which you can see the results of here. I do provide un-effects-applied color photos too, or B&Ws. Just so happens that I feel like sharing these.

These were taken pre-ceremony, which I think works better than squeezing a portrait session in post ceremony, before dinner, etc. It feels less hurried. One doesn't have family and friends to tend to. No entourage of guests, also trying to take photos. Time isn't passing by full throttle. Anyways, here we are, at the San Mateo Central Park Japanese Tea Garden.