I Miss Sunny Days

I think long, jersey knit maxi dresses are excellent for maternity shoots. There is something very Goddess-like about them. And in a bold color - all the better!

I used a bit of fill flash in this picture. Otherwise the shading on the right side of her body would be much darker, due to the strong direct light from the afternoon sun. Alternatively, f I had an assistant, I could have him/her hold a large reflector (large flat board in white or silver or gold) to the far right, so that the sunlight would bounce back to the mom-to-be and similarly fill in some of the shadow. But I don't.

The marine layer, well known as the San Francisco fog, has started creeping in, and is causing postponement of all my Baker Beach (as seen above) shoots. The fog also covers most of Golden Gate Park, Crissy Field and the Palace of Fine Arts, which are also popular shoot locations. It depends on my clients; for some they accept it as a part of SF life and should the shoot be on a cloudy day it is an accurate reflection of living here. Others' moods are strongly affected by gray days and if that is the case, I recommend postponing.