Baby in Black and White

Back to Babies! I often do outdoor baby shoots, but in-home shoots are a different kind of fun. Families can lounge on sofas or beds, there's a big supply of toys, cushions, blankets. And most anything within baby reach is OK to put in the mouth.

Out of curiosity, I counted the number of babies I'd photographed in 2010 thus far. 64. SIXTY-FOUR. I knew it was a lot but I had no idea I'd met that many babies! I just did my 100th photo shoot (also a baby) for 2010 today. However, it is not accurate to say 64% of my shoots consist of babies, because I've had repeat clients, and I count those babies once. I'd say 70% of shoots are babies, and the rest are older kids, engagements, maternity, weddings, head shots, events, and other random things like museum objects.

I like the timeless quality evoked by B&W photos. Take the color photo, with the wooden donuts. It feels very In The Now. I chose quieter moments to be converted to B&W.