Summer Baby in Faux Studio

There are some days when I think, I really have a great job. It has to do with (1) lighting and (2) having a baby that loves the camera and the camera loves back! And as I improve my lighting skills to suit any situation, things can only get better. Here we set up opposite a west facing window in the afternoon. I was sitting in direct sun; the white backdrop (clipped to set of shelves in the nursery) was just out of reach of the direct sun. I used an umbrella diffused light as a background filler (so that the shadow from the baby wouldn't be cast on the white backdrop).

This baby sat quite happily for a few photos, and then could not resist - she threw herself forward (top right) onto her hands (bottom left) and crawled with blazing speed all the way up to me where I was sitting Criss-Cross Apple Sauce (yes I teach kids) - she propped herself up on my calf and peered right into the camera lens, hence the extreme close ups. Below she is doing Itsy Bitsy Spider, before racing up into the lens (good ol' 50mm f/1.4).

Clients often comment that I must learn a lot on the job about babies and such. So, I thought I'd try to recall some general things that I've learned that a baby-less person might not know.
- Babies are often calmed by white noise, like the whir of a hairdryer (makes for a hot photo session)
- Modern rocking chairs are really hard to move, and 90% of the time there is one placed exactly where there is the best light in the whole home
- It's hard to put shoes on a baby/ tot
- Babies/ tots like to take off their shoes
- You are lucky if you manage to put a hair clip in your little girl's hair, and even luckier if it stays in for more than a 30 seconds
- Babies like being on the changing table
- Babies do not like to have their clothes changed