Toothy Smile

When I photograph newborns, 3 mo olds, 6 mo olds, 9 mo olds, 1 year olds, parents often comment to me: "This must be the hardest age to photograph!" Actually. The hardest age to photograph is age 2-ish to 4-ish. Mostly because tots are mobile, fast, and very suspicious of unfamiliar people, especially those pointing large cameras in their direction (to which they respond by heading in the opposite direction). They're certainly not generous with smiles towards the camera - all smiles are truly candid.

After a shoot, I send all the lo-res unedited photos (sans awkward blinking pics) to clients so they can choose their favorites for editing. Whereupon it is not unusual for me to receive a surprised email saying something along the lines of: Those turned out great! I didn't think we captured anything at all [based on how baby X was spitting up the entire time or tot Y was throwing tantrums].
I'm not sure whether to take offense or be pleased.

In ankle news, I'll be doing my 4th shoot post-sprain. Ankle/foot lower calf does whine after shoots. I do my best to stay off it for the rest of the day. Was difficult though, when one of my in-home shoots was in a bldg right next to H&M with a big SALE sign. In the end, I was not impressed by anything, but better to know there was nothing impressive than to have my imagination run amok with the wondrous sale items I could be missing out on.