Turtle Love

I think the groom had just paid her a compliment, because there's nothing I could have done to elicit a radiant smile like this! The giveaway is the eyes. There's something intangible (or maybe tangible, I recall a RadioLab podcast about Lie Detecting, and how certain tiny facial muscle movements are dead giveaways - perhaps not to the ordinary mortal eye...) but definitely perceivable. I added a sort of antique-y effect for a timeless look, and to warm and soften things.

Weddings are a combination of portrait, event coverage and inanimate detail shots. All three things are fun to do in their own way. I rarely ever do inanimate detail shots with babies/kids, unless it's testing out lighting using a stuffed animal. So it's kinda fun to do those at weddings. Anyways, Tahoe is a lovely place for a wedding. Very happy to have been a part of this!