On the Newborn Photography Experience

Newborns, left and right! I've definitely never photographed quite so many newborns (week - 10 days or less) before. Compositions are pretty limited. The baby is either held, or on his/her back, or stomach. And they strongly dislike being changed. I'll arrive at a home and find that the mother has laid out some 5 outfits for the photo session. I know we'll get through, oh, 2 max. One change of clothes is already quite ambitious.

It makes a big difference if there is an older sibling around. If not, 150% of attention is lavished on the baby. If so, there's a good chance the older sib (usually a toddler) will have a tantrum of sorts and will try to inject him/herself into the photo. Parents often will leave me alone with the newborn, to tend to their screaming older child.

Newborn sessions always take longer, mostly for feeding breaks. There are other things that come up - such as a disheveled-looking mom - sometimes I gently point out that her hair could use a brush, or perhaps a change in tops because the current one is stained by milk leakage. Yup. I do think it helps a lot to be a female photographer, when it comes to baby photography!

When things have settled and we've figured a comfy position for the newborn to be photographed, the session is fun. Part of that fun is marveling at this tiny unmarred human, wondering how they see life. The other is composing photos. I gave the top 2 pics a grainy B&W treatment, a rather newspaper-ish, photo-journalistic feel.