Expansion in my Newbie Department

Newbie! As I've mentioned before, I like to keep newborn shoots simple, like in these photos. However, I am finding that some mothers request props, and when I say I don't provide props, they look elsewhere. I figure, it wouldn't be so bad to have props. I can stick to neutral, organic colors - greens, browns, off whites. Props can be tasteful! I looked on Etsy for such things, and there are whole Etsy stores dedicated to Newborn Photography Props. They sell knit hats, cocoons (knit tubes in which to stuff the baby so that s/he peeks out the top, papoose-like), knit "bowls" - a stretchy bowl shaped thing that holds the baby in curled fetal position, baby hammocks and such (like knit versions of that bag-thing in which a stork would transport a baby), which suspend the baby while stretching around the baby shape. And tutus.

So, I wish I were a knitter so I could make my own such props, but I am not. However, I can make a tutu, which requires minimal sewing, and mostly the knotting of long strips of tulle onto a strip of elastic. I will also hunt down some wooden containers. Places like Pier 1, Costplus, Target, Michaels... as well as fabric stores, should have what I need. It's only the knit hats that I'll have to purchase fully made.