MishMash! Borders, Hats, Felt Flower Covered Balls

I am experimenting with borders. I just bought a digital pack of borders called Photo Edge FX from littledreamerdesigns.com, $5 for 20. The risk with such things is that plopping in borders can make a photo look over-edited, cut+paste-y. It takes some blending (finagling of opacity, overlaying with filters) so that the border melds with the photo. By the way, if you are a digital scrapbooker, that website has piles of scrapbooking design stuff.

Hats. Baby hats. I perused Etsy for hand made baby hats, which run about $20 on average. I've decided however, that I want to try to knit hats for myself. This way, I can control yarn texture, make different sizes, choose specific colors, add my own adornments. This is assuming that I do not fail at knitting. It's been a long time since I've knitted anything - I think the last thing I made was a 6"x6" square when I was about 10. I already have envisioned all the awesome hats I will make. I'm getting a book - I think I've decided on "Itty-Bitty Hats: Cute and Cuddly Hats to Knit For Babies and Toddlers". This will also be useful as friends seem to be hatching babies left and right. Maybe useful for dog heads too.

In other news, my pics are finally starting to appear on TinyPrints' card examples such as:

Neat, huh? They look... professional! For the first time, a client actually found me through the TinyPrint recommended photog listing. These days, most clients are from referrals/repeats, followed by Craigslist, then a tiny number from Yelp. I'm definitely getting fewer CL responses these days, since my rates have gone up. It makes sense, as most people going to CL are looking for cheap deals.

Gearing up for holiday season already. Thinking of what might make useful props. Did some research at Pier 1 and found these large (1.5 ft diameter?) spherical cushions covered in felt cutouts of different sized rich red stylized flower shapes, crowded so that the "petals"were pushed upwards, creating a fantastically textured ball. $40 a ball... could I make something similar? Hmm. All these crafty projects! I require an Ikea research trip now.