Printing is In. Learn how to do it!

 They told me: "Oh, it's a cocktail party." They did Not tell me: "It's a PRINT themed cocktail party" which, is Infinitely funner! This is the Levi's Print Shop, a workshop. In a temporary space for two months, a fully function printing press studio has been set up at 580 Valencia in the Mission, open to the community. Here, this will explain it better than I:

This is up there will photographing Rubik's cube championships and kids DJ-ing. All different kinds of print presses, many of them huge metal clunky things weighing tons, were set up and pro printers were ready to give demos and quick training to people to make their own prints. It was set up like an exhibit, of different print methods through the ages, up to digital printing.
And... it's all free!  Besides workshops, there are talks, book releases, exhibits, live music. I ought to go down to the Mission more often. It is a hub of interestingness and all things artsy.
It's true. It's a miracle when one finds jeans that fit. With ill-fitting jeans the most likely problem is the butt.

Below: Very sparkly chocolates. The edible glitter gets all over the place when one takes a bite out of them; hard to rid of the evidence.