A quiet moment of happy contemplation.

Documenting Bridal Prep is fun. It tends to be relaxed, and at this point of the wedding, things are usually still ahead of schedule so there's no rush. When I first studied wedding photography by looking at other wedding photog's websites, I noted the luxurious bridal rooms, sweeping classic staircases, floor to ceiling windows, lush curtains and vintage furniture. Yeah. An exclusive portion of the population have access to such bridal suites, and most of us get prepped in an ordinary room. The challenge then, is to play down the ordinariness. Here, I tried to do so by cropping out most of the room, and by pulling in a generously sized armchair with classy details. Sat the bride as close to the window as possible. You'd never guess that the window looked out upon a set of apartment buildings, or that behind the chair is a table piled and spilling over with makeup bags and beauty products.