Winter Beach

Landscape Maternity at Ocean Beach, the best place for beach sunset photography in SF. Partly because the beach is so wide and gently sloping; the waves take a long time to come in and recede, leaving a decent window of time where the sand is wet and magically reflective. The light is like this for less than ten minutes. Oftentimes the people I take out here to photograph, will leisurely take their time and enjoy the scenery. Not allowed! I urgently herd them into photogenic compositions. And yes it was freezing cold, but how can one show off a maternity belly with a winter coat on? The sacrifices we make for good photos.

Retiring to my car post-shoot, I turned on my camera to check on the photos. The camera wouldn't turn on. Back home, new battery etc, tried everything - would not power on! Ack! I called Canon customer service, and fortunately my 5D, being 1.5 months old, is still under warranty, so I will send it to Irvine to get fixed. I will miss it very much... and must use my 40D in the meantime.

Now for the final stretch of another busy 2 weeks before things slow down for the holidays. I somehow made it through November, so 2 weeks should be easier!