Wreath Time

I made a wreath. I got so carried away, I forgot to take in-progress photos to demonstrate the Making Of A Wreath. I'll try to remember to do so next time. Anyways, the base is a foam ring, and the folliage bits are secured by staple/ bobbypin shaped wire bits, pressed into the foam. All the greenery/ flowers' lives were flourishing a mere 2 days ago before I casually (why yes, I do carry gardening shears around with me on all dog walks) pruned them of their mother plant. I found all these bits along my usual dog walk route, alongside the Presidio and through a local park.

I really hadn't paid much attention to plant and tree life before, but now I scan the pathside flora for wreath potential. I looks for leaves that seem stiff without relying on turgidity from water. This of course includes evergreen trees - of which there are many around here, including Juniper (I learned this only upon googling "San Francisco Local Trees", but could not identify any other trees). There are red berry shrubs fruiting, which contribute greatly to the festive holiday look. Home front yard gardens are also full of tempting plant bits, and as I walk by I briefly fantasize about absconding with a snippet, but in real life I will resist.

Quite pleased with the results of my first wreath, I've bought a few more foam frames at Michael's craft store. I was sorely tempted to also buy a package of dried moss - lush green matted stuff, overpriced for something that falls off trees. Sure enough I found a moss-shrouded pine branch on my dog walk today.Now if only I didn't have so many edits to work on. More details on wreath foliage assemblage in a later post....