Chances Are

Sometimes dogs are easier to photograph than kids and babies. Some dogs, I swear, are posing.

I have some stats for you, having recently compiled my 2010 business info. I could create a series of pie charts... but just telling you will be faster (I know I will spend too much time pondering pie wedge colors).

Category: Subject Matter
60% Babies
(not able to run)
29% Toddlers
(learning to run)
15% Kids
(easily run away from me)
And all this adds up to more than 100% because a shoot may consist of more than one subject, and it's just too complicated to sort it out.

Category: Gender
44% of babies are Girls
56% of babies are Boys
No big diff between numbers of Girls vs Boys Tots and Kids

Category: Location
65% San Francisco
35% Everywhere else (from Santa Cruz to Tahoe)

Chances are, I'm photographing a Baby Boy in San Francisco.