Twins to Welcome You to 2011

Hello Twins! A mere 16 days old, these two help demonstrate the difference between a white reflective and black absorptive surface. In general, I prefer to photograph babies (especially ones that have floppy necks and need to remain lying down) against light surfaces. When lying on a flat surface, it is hard to get light all around the head. It's an aesthetic preference, but I like minimizing shadows on baby faces, to enhance the freshness element of the picture. A white blanket helps a lot, as it subtley reflects light onto the sides/ back of babies heads. Some shadow remains to give form.

Black backgrounds absorb light, so while the foreground of the baby pops in contrast to the black, the edges of the baby's shape are not as defined as against a white background. More artificial light is needed to prevent babies against black from being overwhelmed by their background. The two pics definitely feel different; natural vs studio-esque.

If you thought photographing one newborn was a challenge, try photographing two at once! In newbie sessions, there are a lot of feeding and crying breaks. With two newbies, we have to hope that the moments of contentment and sleep overlap at some point.