I Miss Mobility

These were taken way back in November, back when I was... sigh... mobile. I do miss being mobile. Botanical gardens make for wonderful photo shoot locales! Not only because of the variety of flora, but also there is flora of varying heights, filling in the background at all levels. This evens out the lighting - camera does not get confused by bright back lit spots. However, all the shade means hunting around for the ideally lit spots, and placing my subjects to be optimally lit. Recognizing optimal lighting for any given weather/ location is one of the hardest things to learn.

I did my last pre-baby shoot on Thursday - I had a weak moment and made an exception to that one last - for reals this time - request as she was a repeat client with a 3-week old. It's become really difficult, well, painful to hold a camera, even with a small sized lens - how sad is that?! Due to weak wrists and swollen cabbage patch kid hands and sausage fingers. I drop stuff frequently and then have to deal with how to retrieve the object from the floor. Often it's not worth the effort of trying to bend or squat, and thus the area around my desk is littered with pens, receipts, note paper. I'm told the swelling-related pregnancy symptoms relieve themselves very soon after birth, so I am looking forward to that. Currently I feel like Michelin Woman waddling down the street, or maybe a large gourd.

There are few fun aspects to late third trimester, but one perk is that I am a product tester for new maternity products at Ingrid & Isabel, a SF based maternity wear company (they make the Bella Band, for those of you who have contended with pregnant bellies before). Today I am going in to be a "fit model" - I guess that means they'll measure me and have me try on stuff to see how a future line will work on a very short, very pregnant woman with fat hands.
Oh dear, my hands do not seem to be fitting through the sleeves.