Union Jack Swaddle

He's a half English baby of course! Some babies love to look right into the camera, which is fantastic or me. A big black lens in stark contrast with surroundings is intriguing perhaps. The eyes make all the difference in a baby portrait. Especially with the window reflection catch lights, soft cloudy day lighting and really really cute baby, I couldn't be more pleased with this set of close ups.

When it comes to babies with floppy necks, often the easiest photo position is to lay them on their back. I realize I like to distract the viewer from the fact that the baby is just lying there, and I do this by draping fabric around them.  This also reduces the big distracting shadow that would otherwise be created by their head on the background surface.

Today, I received a request to photograph a kid's birthday party in 2 weeks. My brain said Haha!! - hauling my now full term body + two more weeks of weight gain + camera equipment around a kid's party would be physically entirely impossible, or I may even have a baby by then. I have put a notice on my website that I am on maternity leave, but perhaps I should say so in my voice mail as well. This is where a separate business email account would also be useful, for insta-reply maternity leave notification. As for return from mat leave, I'm guessing mid-July-ish, on a limited basis. However, I've no idea of what life will be like, so plans may change. Having said that, I do already have a list of fifteen-ish families who are in line for a summer shoot, as soon as I am ready. And Fall is Insane Photo Season. I'm going to put off thinking about that for now. BTW - notice how Fall 2010 Insane Photo Season overlapped with second trimester? Yes, it was all a part of the grand plan! Devious Laughter!

I didn't plan on continuing to work (be it editing at home or shooting) this far into pregnancy. What I didn't factor into my plans was the huge reduction in efficiency that I would experience in third trimester as a result of being large and slow and achy and prone to napping. Dog walks take twice as long, putting on socks takes ten times as long (it doesn't help that I prefer knee socks), and many many minutes of my day are spent getting up to waddle to the bathroom and back - every 45 mins. So while I did decrease number of shoots in the last 2 months, my functional hours per day have also drastically diminished - resulting in Time Passing Fast as I remain busy!