The Reason

Here's the reason why I've been away from my blog. It's amazing, the ability of newborns to warp time; three weeks have sped by, except for the period between 1am and 5am when time slugs by and I wonder when she'll ever fall asleep again after feeding.

I've learned why families including babies are almost always late to photoshoots. It's miraculous that any make it on time at all. Babies this young function on their own schedule. You think you're ready to go, but then they poop and scream, they get cleaned and re-dressed and they poop and scream again and suddenly 20 mins have disappeared and maybe she's ready for her photo to be taken but I'm a disheveled mess. Or for the last four days she's fallen asleep reliably after her dawn feeding but today (inevitably, for my clients on photoshoot day) she decides to be wide awake, thus making her extra sleepy and cranky later.

Well, I must abruptly end this post, as I have baby things to attend to.