Not Just Snapshots

I am learning how to multitask with a baby and to be a more opportunistic napper, so hopefully posts will start to become more frequent again. Thanks to those of you who keep checking in despite my far and few between posts!

I've been taking many iphone photos. It does a fine job of documenting snippets of baby life, when I don't have two hands free to hold the DSLR, it's too much trouble to get up and get the DSLR, if the lighting is less than ideal, or if my subject is so close my DSLR won't focus. The resolution is not great of course, but they conveniently capture the moment, and can even be artsy. In fact, I've enjoyed iphone and the free iphone app Instagram as an artistic outlet while rocking or breastfeeding my baby. There are few variables I can work with - composition, and a handful of Instagram filters - and the challenge is to make a compelling picture with low quality digital film nevertheless. The downside is not being able to print any of these as large photos.

Good portrait photography concepts still apply. I use diffuse natural lighting as often as I can, and orient my subject so that she is well lit. The pics are so lo-res to begin with, I crop closely to bring as much facial detail to the photo as possible, and to exclude irrelevant background. I vary my angles and composition.