Of Being A Mom and Photographer

This cute hat was created by Rachel of Bebebeecouture, who can be found on Etsy.

Two months and we're finally smooth sailing. Well, relatively speaking - life is far more predictable and under control than even 2 weeks ago. Now when I go off to photograph newborns, I have the parental empathy and understanding that one can only give having experienced it firsthand. From the superficial things like sheepish requests to photoshop out dark eye bags, or showing up at a shoot, lint-covered and with hair obviously unbrushed for... days - to the helpless looks and frantic trouble shooting when a newborn breaks into ear splitting screams. The absolute joy and relief of managing to coax out a fleeting smile. The appreciation of a patient photographer :) And I also understand when some mothers seem simply so happy to have another adult to talk to.

I'm going to start easing back into some weekend shoots. I wouldn't call it "going back to work" since 2 shoots a week is hardly anything compared to 10 shoots a week during my full time high season. I do miss photography and I want to sprinkle in snippets of my pre-baby life to keep my mind fresh. Meanwhile my baby can have some Daddy time. As the year progresses, I'm going to have to think more about baby care options, and balancing work and home life. The same thing so many moms have to think about.

During my pregnancy, so many clients mused: You are so lucky, you can photograph your own baby! And I didn't think much of it. But now I am very glad that I have the great equipment and several hundred hours worth of baby shooting experience. Because I've also learned - They Really Do Grow Up Fast.

To friends who are regular readers of this blog: I've now got another personal blog dedicated entirely to our baby (with photos of course, but with talk of baby developments and parenthood). Let me know if you want the link.