Maternity Postcards

I thought it would be fun to do more maternity shoots, so I figured I'd start an ad campaign of postcards, placed strategically in places where expectant women hang out. An informal vote amongst friends revealed these as the three most popular maternity pics. I got them printed at my favorite local photo print place, which happened also to do digital prints for publication type material. Well... the digital press didn't do justice to the middle pic. It looked rather drab, not picking up on the subtle colors. The other two were fine. I do wish the card were a little heavier - I like a postcard to feel good in the hand. But then again, I'm dispensing these for free and heavier card stock costs more. Anyways. Things to figure out when running one's own business! Next, I will need to contact various stores and parents' centers to see if they'll let me display postcards.