Sewing Makes Me Happy

I've been spending my non-baby hours sewing as of late (instead of blogging, yes). This tri-fabric dress is a first birthday present for a little friend of ours, who is of partial French heritage. I'd bought the lilac print fabric some time ago, planning to use a small square or two in a quilt. Thus, the piece was too small to do all 3 panels (left, right and back) of the kimono dress. Fortunately in my fabric collection, this random pin dot gray fabric complemented the others nicely. I started the dress in December, with plenty of time for a late Jan birthday. I did not factor in the month it would take to finish it and the additional 2 weeks to ship it to Hong Kong, AND how much that baby would grow in 6 weeks! I hope it fits.

A few people enthused: You should SELL those! And a part of me chorused Yes Yes! But voice reminded me of how craft fairs turned jewelry making into a stressful chore a few years ago. For now, I am happy to sew for my baby, and for friends. It's my one true hobby at the moment.